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#84 - Amazon Raises Fees, Policy Updates, and much more

Amazon employee operating personal computer at fulfilment center
Hi everyone! Have you heard the latest news!? Changes in Amazon fees, and updates in Policies! This and much more in today's update from FBA Monthly. Follow us on Twitter for more updates! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

The company said the fees will go into effect on May 9 “to ensure that MCF fees are competitive with other third-party logistics providers.”


Of the first twenty products a shopper sees when searching on Amazon, only four are organic results. There is little space left for organic results at the top of the page, the real estate that drives most sales.


Amazon is updating selling policies in Europe that impact price-fixing, mediation, and refurbished goods. The new policies will take effect on March 31, 2022.


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Good to Know

We are making changes to our programme policies that apply to all sellers who use the services or features covered by these policies.


The House Judiciary Committee has asked the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into Amazon for lying about its use of third-party seller data.


In every instance Amazon will tell you to contact the carrier (UPS) and the UPS will tell you the contract between both companies makes it Amazon's responsibility.


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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated ecommerce growth years into the future. Other pandemic-caused shifts also have boosted ecommerce sales, such as inflation.


A court has tossed out an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon that targeted the e-tailer's ability to penalize third-party sellers on its platform for charging lower prices on their own websites.


Amazon is purging its fulfillment centers of old and slow-moving seller inventory in order to make room for fresh inventory in time for Prime Day, which is expected to take place in late June or in July.


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    A federal judge in Seattle denied part of Amazon's motion to dismiss a class action antitrust lawsuit filed 2 years ago by third-party sellers, Protocol reported on Tuesday.


    Amazon Handmade is enabling Build International Listings, as part of a multi-year project to improve the listing experience for Handmade selling partners, on March 30, 2022.


    Trader’s body CAIT, the Confederation of All India Traders, has urged Indian agencies to take cognizance of e-commerce giant Amazon’s alleged attempt to ‘influence, obstruct, or impede’ a probe into competition in the digital market.


    Someone at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has had it with free trials that turn out not to be so free months later. The federal agency thought that the online signup for Amazon Prime was so shady it conducted an official inquiry into it.


    Why would Amazon want to buy a solution that lets retailers control their warehouse management, inventory and shipping operations in one platform?


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    Tips and Tricks

    Amazon AU charges GST on almost all products it sells on the site. com. Amazon may charge you GST on orders placed by you.


    Thousands of brands are already taking advantage of the new Brand Referral Bonus program, with some earning thousands of dollars in bonuses in a single month.


    It is possible to earn between $100 and $5000 from an Amazon FBA seller on average. The average number of statistics does not indicate how much potential income your personal situation could bring you, even when their results are indicative.


    The key to winning on Amazon has everything to do with a good product ranking. A good ranking on Amazon means you have better visibility which means customers will be able to find your products easily and this will lead to an increase in sales.


    Despite a COVID-19 pandemic fueling an increase in online shopping in Australia during 2020, global e-commerce giant Amazon broke through the billion-dollar revenue mark in the country thanks to its rising sales.


    Sellers know they can utilize data to drive increased sales, yet they're often presented with such large quantities of data on Amazon’s dashboard that they feel overwhelmed by all of it.


    In Amazon you can purchase items. You may have to pay taxes if you are sending your product to Canada through Canada Post.


    In response to Seller feedback, we have launched two new categories within the Seller Forums: ‘Quick Tips from Amazon’ and ‘Engage with Amazon’.


    Your income will be taxed by the IRS, and you will be required to register and pay taxes on your Amazon earnings if they are over £1,000 per year. When starting your Amazon business in the UK, HMRC requires you to register.



    We're excited to talk about a webinar we recently had with a seller who made a billion-dollar brand! Today, we'll be revealing some of the product selection criteria that might just motivate you to think bigger and reach higher!