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#85 - Amazon Statistics You Should Know, and much more

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Hey everyone, hope your week is going well! Join us on the journey to the most interesting topics for Amazon Sellers. Check out featured publications and stories, trending now in the Amazon space. #85 issue of FBA Monthly is here! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

American sellers have been gaining market share on Amazon for over a year, reversing the multi-year trend of losing to predominantly Chinese sellers.


A powerhouse like Amazon commands shopper attention. Aptly monikered The Everything Store, Amazon offers products and services that include retail goods, delivery, advertising, digital services, electronics, and media.


The geographic makeup of third-party sellers on Amazon is changing. This is the latest installment of the Amazon Briefing, a weekly Modern Retail column about the ever-changing Amazon ecosystem.


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    Good to Know

    A top seller took to Twitter to explain why his company is dropping its Amazon advertising budget to zero after spending over $10 million on Amazon ads in recent years.


    A Superior Court judge dismissed Washington, D.C.’s lawsuit accusing Amazon.com Inc. of anticompetitive behavior, saying there wasn’t evidence supporting the claim that the ecommerce giant inflated prices for consumers.


    A SAVVY man who purchases mystery boxes full of perfect condition and even new items claimed he scored the jackpot on a box of Amazon and Best Buy returns.


    In a small corner of the ecommerce world, some sellers have been sounding the alarm over the USPS decision to price mailing tubes and other long packages out of the market.


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    DBGI saw revenues skyrocket 425 percent to $4 million in the fourth quarter of 2021 as net losses reached $9.7 million. But the upstart fashion house expects stronger revenue growth as it expands this year into new channels.


    What if you could talk to buyers who leave your product a less-than-stellar review? Amazon UK announced today that brands can do just that.


    The Connected Commerce Council, which pitches itself as a grassroots movement representing small business owners, is actually a well-financed advocacy group funded by tech heavy hitters Google and Amazon.


    Some sellers are feeling the fallout from lawsuits Amazon filed last month against two websites it claimed were attempting to profit from generating “misleading and fraudulent reviews.”


    The unpredictable supply chain was among the top challenges retailers faced in 2021, and the disruptions continue so far this year. Predictions about when things could “return to normal” vary widely. But what if this is what normal looks like now?


    A third-party seller on Amazon.com has pleaded guilty to running an elaborate refund scam that ripped the online retail platform off to the tune of $1.3 million, which he then used to buy gold and silver bars.


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    Tips and Tricks

    One of the biggest advantages the internet has given entrepreneurs is numerous tools and resources that ensure they do not have to go it alone if they want to start an online business.


    Review the requirements for selling your brand on the Amazon store, find out how to trademark your brand and enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, and get an overview of the benefits of enrolled brands.


    Getting customer reviews is one of the biggest challenges Amazon sellers will face during their ecommerce journey. Requesting reviews can become very time-consuming when done manually, especially if you have many orders.


    It’s easy to vilify Amazon. But for all its somewhat terrifying clout, questionable business practices and stories about its founder’s yacht-within-a-yacht, there is one thing that cannot be denied — Amazon has been an incredible launching pad for thousands of entrepreneurs.



    We are in the midst of a huge change in data. Over the past 18 months and moving forward, how data is used has changed drastically and it is only going to continue. Hannah and Caleb sit down to discuss how Amazon sellers can follow the data closely and how to make the most of it.


    In this episode, Tim welcomes an expert to talk about marketing, why is it the management of perspectives, and how it can increase the value of your products.