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#90 - Mind-Blowing Amazon Statistics 2022, Raising Fees and much more

Blue Amazon trucks at the parking lot in fulfillment center
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining us in the #90 issue of FBA Monthly news. It has been tons of news in Amazon space during the past two weeks, but we read it all to select for you only important ones.

Hot News

During the pandemic, people began to change their purchasing patterns and rely more and more on internet shopping, resulting in Amazon’s remarkable growth. We will go over some of the essential Amazon stats to better understand this online business. Let’s get started!


Amazon may begin automatically enrolling FBA sellers into the program, requiring sellers who don’t wish to participate to proactively opt out of the program.


Is your Amazon listing not selling? This article helps troubleshoot what could be keeping your listing from the top of Amazon search results.


Good to Know

E-commerce was meant to get significantly bigger, and thus everything was to get easier. But e-commerce only grew slightly, and yet everything - from sourcing to advertising - got harder.


Smaller companies are using online marketplaces more because it gives them the ability to scale fast (47%) and lower barriers to connecting with new customers (46%), says a new research report.


Amazon says in its second-annual report that it prevented 4 billion bad listings from making it onto its site and got rid of more than 3 million phony products last year.


Alexandra Owens, a wedding planner and the owner of Sixty Chapel, is one of many wedding planners who has had to explain the impact of inflation to engaged couples while setting the wedding budget.


“It was threatening to expose my privacy. They said that they knew where my home address was. They would expose me to my friends and family,” says Johanna.


Anker, an Amazon-native electronics brand from China, did over $1 billion in sales on Amazon in 2021. It is the most successful brand built on Amazon, yet the brand has been aggressively diversifying beyond it.


This isn’t what was supposed to happen. The internet, people such as Bill Gates insisted, would be a disruptive force that shifted power into the hands of makers and consumers.


Oceanwing, a subsidiary of Anker, the largest seller on Amazon.com Inc., shares a few insights into Prime Day 2022 strategy for brands looking to make an impact.


Everyone's always trying to get a deal on whatever they're buying, and it's hard to fault them for that. It'd be kind of foolish to not try and find a particular product for a more affordable price online, just as long as you are getting it through a reputable seller.


Amazon said it ramped up investments in 2021 to keep counterfeit products off its retail site and saw signs its efforts are working, according to an annual brand protection report.


I know many people enjoy their low prices, vast catalog of consumer goods and fast shipping times. But I've had a slightly different experience with the e-commerce giant, one that most others probably haven't.


At least 700,000 brands on Amazon have a trademark. An increase of 40% from the prior year. Even seemingly randomly generated names like LORELEI, RORSOU, MAJCF, or VBIGER are trademarked brands.


Amazon urged sellers today to contact their Senators over legislation it claimed would hurt sellers’ ability to sell on its marketplace, but many sellers weren’t buying it.


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Tips and Tricks

The following questions cover most of relevant questions in the market, POE summarized them and answered together here.


To make sure your account is verified (giving you the chance to build a successful Amazon business), we’ll walk you through the updated process.


Lebbro was founded in 2015 by brothers Michael and Jake Lebhar when they were just teenagers, and in that time it’s Grown to Deliver Upwards of $10 Mllion in Sales.


For many, the ASIN and Amazon reverse ASIN lookup can be something of a mystery. But now you understand how the ASIN works and no doubt you’re ready to start building powerful Amazon PPC campaigns with all of your new keywords.


Ecommerce is an excellent opportunity for small business owners. One way to use eCommerce to great success is through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and using Amazon arbitrage, which we will explain in more detail here.


We’re offering the Ultimate Amazon FBA and Dropship Master Class Bundle, which is price dropped to just $20, to help you make the most of your opportunity.


Today in retail, Uber Eats launches a nationwide food delivery offering, while Ollie’s Bargain Outlet expects to see a retail “trade-down” in the next three to six months. Plus, The RealReal is looking for a new leader after founder Julie Wainwright steps down, and Blue Apron aims to be more accessible through a Walmart partnership.



It's time to shift your product selection criteria! Focus on products that you can see the clear, long-term demand in a niche that you can own.


This is for my e-commerce peeps out there. Also, for Amazon sellers, Shopify sellers, E-bay Etsy, Walmart, or other channel-dependent businesses.