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#89 - Sales Tax Audits Surge, Chinese Sellers are Quitting Amazon, and much more

An employee in a yellow vest took a cardboard box from conveyor tape at the Amazon fulfillment center
Happy Monday, readers! Thank you for pausing from your busy day to read the #89 issue of FBA Monthly news. In this issue, we have a great deal of exciting news and tips we want to loop you in on. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FBAmonthly for updates and announcements.

Hot News

Three years ago, Lady Gaga launched a cosmetics brand Haus Laboratories to be sold exclusively through Amazon. However, the brand flopped and is set to relaunch at Sephora. The relaunched brand will no longer be available on Amazon.


Since early 2021, the e-commerce giant says it has banned 3,000 Chinese accounts for using paid reviewers to artificially inflate ratings, a practice known as “brushing.”


From a tax revenue perspective, many states fared well during the pandemic. Now, however, with supply-side pressure and inflation concerns, states are anticipating a significant reduction in sales tax revenue.


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Good to Know

Amazon has started identifying its brands in search results, tagging them with an “Amazon brand” or “Exclusive to Amazon” badge. Previously, it was inconsistent in disclosing which products it owned.


Despite protests from sellers when Amazon announced a new way of notifying sellers of buyer cancellation requests, the company began implementing the change last week.


To lend support to the millions of merchants selling on online platforms and ensure a competitive marketplace where they can thrive, Congress and the FTC are beginning to show signs of reining in Big Tech.


Ever since Amazon held its first Prime Day on July 15, 2015, other marketplaces have tried to keep up. However, each year, it's Prime Day that gets all the attention when it comes to corporate-contrived shopping holidays.


Amazon sellers are increasing their sales by 3X and achieving page #1 ranking using Stack Influence, the first Amazon focused Micro-Influencer platform automating product seeding campaigns at scale.

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Amazon, Shopify and others are feeling the sting of slower online sales in early 2022. That’s likely transitory as physical and online retail rebalance for what could be a long recovery.


Consumers who want same-day or faster shipping are shown locally available products. Once the item is ordered from the retailer through Amazon, one of its drivers deliver it.


From “old-school” eBay to new kid on the block 1stDibs, we asked jewelers about their experiences selling jewelry in non-traditional places.


Amazon is poised to become the second-largest package delivery carrier in the United States, perhaps transforming a cost into a profit center.


Consumer spending through e-commerce is approaching a $1 trillion annual run rate. Despite only a slight increase in market share, the e-commerce market has almost doubled in three years.


A May 12 Facebook post, a screenshot of another Facebook post, touted one of those strategies: purchasing formula from Amazon.ca – the Canadian version of the online retailing giant or Canadian Amazon.


A little less than a year into his tenure, and we’re starting to get a sense of what an Andy Jassy-led Amazon looks like. While at first glance, things look relatively the same, some small changes ladder up to a slightly tweaked strategy and company outlook.


An ecommerce consultant who allegedly advised a client to "be creative" with receipts submitted to Amazon to prove supplier relationships was indicted by a New York grand jury along with the seller - and 39 others.


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Tips and Tricks

Here’s what you need to know about how to make money on Amazon – along with advice from experts who are doing it.


The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model continues to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Fundamentally, it's the same as a traditional eCommerce business.


Selling methods have been evolving. In the past, the only way of selling products was to establish a shop for them. Before setting up a shop, you had to consider the location.


Dean Hawes, head of account management at Optimizon, tells us that, once your brand is present on Amazon, it’s important to look after your brand health.


What does a business do when it finds its copyright is being infringed by an online seller? Over 100 million American households have Amazon Prime memberships, and it is reported that over 60 percent of consumers start their online shopping with a search on Amazon.



We are going to push you out of your comfort zones, inspire you to make new decisions, and hopefully kickstart the mindset change you’ve been needing.


For the last 5 years, I have hired over 250 virtual assistants for our brand! VAs are just a way that I have been able to grow multiple businesses, create systems, and build teams—probably one of the things that I like the most about my entrepreneurial journey!