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#88 - Amazon Increases Fees, The Dark Side of FBA, and more

An employee with a laptop counting cardboard boxes in the Amazon fulfillment center.
Welcome to the latest issue of FBA Monthly news, the 88th issue since 2018th, all of which we hope helped to keep you updated and provide useful tips. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

Hot News

Amazon is the latest online platform to increase its fees. Etsy sellers organised a ‘strike’ in April in protest against that platform’s new transaction fees, which increased from 5 per cent to 6.5 per cent.


Whether you’re launching your first private label product, reselling wholesale products, or you own a large brand, it’s imperative that you have an Amazon advertising strategy in place.


While there are people who do well selling on Amazon, there are many that don’t. In reality, Amazon is a monopoly, and the way things are structured makes me believe that small sellers on Amazon are just not valued!


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Good to Know

TechCrunch has learned from sources that the company, valued last year at between $5 billion and $10 billion, is going to be laying off a portion of its employees this week. That news is coming at the same time that Thrasio is changing its leadership.


This past year, we’ve seen a revival of interest in U.S. antitrust law. In just a short period of time, Congress has put forth a series of bills aimed at holding Big Tech — Google, Amazon, Meta and Apple — accountable for their unrivaled market power.


It's fair to say you're in the minority if you haven't spent time scrolling Amazon reviews to make the perfect purchase. Some of those reviews are bogus.


The e-commerce marketplace Transaction Safety Ratings (TSR), launched by the Inter-Ministry Committee on Scams, rates the platforms' anti-scam measures.


The growth of the e-commerce industry has resulted in the need for ever-evolving marketing strategies. Now, without a strong channel strategy, storefronts will fall behind their competitors.


Amazon sued a Hong Kong-based company it accuses of connecting third-party retailers to customers willing to write positive reviews for discounts, the company said Friday, part of its effort to crackdown on fraud that plagues the giant e-tailer.


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Amazon said that Buy with Prime will offer more selection and exclusive deals to Prime members, and that participating merchants will be able to display the Prime logo and expected delivery date on eligible products in their online store.


There is one issue I need your assistance on. I resell car electronics. Amazon now requires sellers to put in FCC ID for products that have bluetooth and wireless.


In the past two years, brands like Supply, Beardbrand, and Ranch Road Boots joined the likes of Nike and Ikea to exit Amazon. This begs the question: How can brands leverage Amazon to grow DTC sales? Let’s dive right into it.


Amazon aggregators were raising money by the boatload only a few months ago, but now things seem to be cooling down — if not bursting completely.


Monday’s reply brief asserts that, incapable of rebutting Amazon’s legal arguments, the plaintiff merely repeats allegations made in his complaint.


Amazon & MoRD will jointly enable the Commercial and social development of women-led rural enterprises across identified States/UTs. Amazon will provide Training & Onboarding support to MoRD appointed sellers to list products from Self Help Groups associated with MoRD on Amazon.


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Tips and Tricks

Sponsored Display ads allow you to reach relevant audiences on and off Amazon. So not only will your ads be displayed across various Amazon pages, they’ll also be visible to customers on third-party websites and apps.


If you have a business selling products on Amazon, you are one of 9.5 million Amazon sellers worldwide, based on Marketplace Pulse research. Sounds daunting, doesn't it?


The key to ecommerce success is not selling the same thing everyone else is selling or jumping in on the hottest trend. Sure, these can make you money in the short term, but you’ll have more competition to work with and less sustainability in the long run.


All you need are the right products at competitive prices and an opportunity for customers beyond borders in which they can easily find your product or service.


They’re simple and easy to set up, even if you have no advertising experience. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly Sponsored Products ads are, how they work, and how to launch your first campaign.


Sponsored Brands ads help drive brand awareness, as traffic is funneled directly from the ad to your Amazon Storefront or custom Amazon landing page. Let’s dive deeper into what exactly Sponsored Brand ads are, how they work, and how to set them up.



Join us this week as two of the greatest Amazon selling minds discuss ranking high on Amazon in 2022 with Steven Pope & Scott Needham.


In this episode, we talk to 7-figure Amazon Seller Pedro Bermudez. Pedro says, "If you're going to work nine to five, I mean, you can. But you're never really going to have an extraordinary life."