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#87 - Chinese Sellers Don't Rely on Amazon, and more

Employee checking papers of the van leaving Amazon fulfillment center
Greetings! #87 issue of FBA Monthly news is here! A quick reminder for the newcomers about what this FBA Monthly is all about - we send curated news for busy sellers and Amazon geeks every two weeks. Follow us on Twitter to not miss a thing!

Hot News

Chinese sellers are seeking to cut reliance on Amazon. Despite Amazon being the main channel for Chinese brands and sellers to reach consumers in Western markets, China has a growing sentiment to “de-Amazonize” cross-border e-commerce.


The news of Amazon adding a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge to existing fees has third-party sellers contemplating ways to offset the extra cost.


Amazon is mandating new “dimension” attributes. A reader forwarded the following notification they received this week.


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Good to Know

PYMNTS’ own data show that, as estimated in the “Benefits of Membership” survey, 166 million consumers are Amazon Prime members — and that’s double other mass merchant memberships logged by firms such as Walmart+ and Costco.


In a statement, Amazon said the event aimed at equipping local SMEs with benefits offered by New Seller Incentives to help them launch and grow their business on Amazon, and to help made-in-Malaysia products’ global journey via eTRADE Programme 2.0.


All of this and much more came to mind while reading Moira Weigel’s hit piece on Amazon published in the New York Times NYT -4% over the weekend.


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Amazon is testing a program that will help shoppers identify products from small businesses – however, only brands and artisans qualify for the program.


“Amazon is grateful for the collaboration from Ferragamo and the MSA in protecting customers from these counterfeit products,” said Kebharu Smith, head of Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.


Over the past two years, Amazon has ramped up its investments in its logistics and fulfillment operations. In last quarter's earnings call, the company announced that it increased its capacity by 50%.


The seller pointed to threads on the Amazon discussion boards, such as this one started on April 26 by a seller who was unable to list generic items and asked, "has someone Brand registered the name "Generic"?"


Amazon has declined to describe its product-search system to an Australian competition regulator that has heard complaints of large marketplace platforms giving preference to in-house wares.


Over the last two decades, the tech giants have grown and used their power to control markets and thwart competition. But there is bipartisan legislation in Congress that would make significant steps toward leveling the playing field for Arizona’s small businesses.


Prime is breaking out of Amazon's walled garden to power third-party sites. How far can Amazon extend its new reach? We talk about bulls in china shops, but what about bulls running through the streets of entire shopping districts, or other neighborhoods?


Amazon made two announcements on Monday impacting sellers who use its FBA fulfillment services. It’s adding another storage type for “extra large” items; and it’s making a change to its “Small and Light” program.


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Tips and Tricks

With the development of e-commerce, all this has become redundant. It is enough to open a store on Amazon, and you will be able to trade all over the world with your goods. It remains only to find out how to create an Amazon storefront and start your profitable business activity.


In late March/early April, we surveyed online sellers and asked them if they were satisfied with how online marketplaces attracted buyers to their sites and the most effective ways of doing so.


Let’s explore six ways to get reviews on Amazon, what to bear in mind, and how a full-service Amazon agency can help.


In other words, a design patent application aims to protect what a product looks like, not how it functions (i.e., not its utility, which is proper subject matter for the other type of patent application, the utility patent application).


Simple errors can quickly upend your Amazon selling strategy. Learn how to avoid those mistakes and maximize your reach on the world's top seller platform.


FBA business owners who have decided to enter into asset purchase agreements with a buyer, as outlined in Part 1 of our series, should understand the various levels of an asset purchase transaction and what will be needed in order to close the transaction.



With this podcast, we want to deliver a no-nonsense, comprehensive overview of all the stages of selling on Amazon.


Knowing who your competitors are, what they offer on and off amazon, what their marketing and branding strategies are etc is CRUCIAL and can really help you when developing a brand and or products.