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#93 - Bad News for Amazon Sellers, Private-Labels Losing Proposition, and much more

We are glad to welcome you to a new FBA Monthly issue! It has been a tremendous two weeks in the Amazon space, full of unexpected updates and promising news. Read all about this and much more in the #93 issue of FBA Monthly. Follow us on Twitter to not miss a thing!

Hot News

Between jokes, he laid out some key Big Tech antitrust concerns. Apple Inc. controlling the App Store. Alphabet Inc.’s Google favoring its own properties in search results. Amazon reportedly using third-party seller data to create knock-off private label products.


Amazon began flagging high-risk orders last month. On the face of it, the new feature can be helpful to sellers - but, it does come at a price.


In this article, you will learn how to find your conversion rate on a few popular platforms for sellers on Amazon. As competition has grown over the last few years, it has been increasingly important to test the creativity on your product detail pages to maximize conversions for your products on Amazon.


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Good to Know

“Now that we ourselves are reducing [inventory] and they’re reducing theirs, it’ll lead for an opportunity to re-normalize for both and it’ll be for the benefit of all over time,” Mininburg said.


The USPS raised postage rates on July 10, but sellers reported Amazon began charging them the new rates on July 1st, as we reported on the EcommerceBytes Blog on July 4.


Leader Team Broker, a key player in the niche insurance market in Europe, has updated Amazon insurance in line with the new requirements of the US retailer, keeping the same insurance premiums for renewed policies.


Amazon's Best Sellers, or a ranking of the most popular products sold on the e-commerce platforms that is updated hourly, have been heat-related in a range of different categories this week.


Customers spent over $3 billion supporting small businesses during the "Support Small Businesses to Win Big" sweepstakes in the three-week lead up to Prime Day.


In recent years, Amazon has been fighting product liability claims across the country. Amazon argues it is not a “seller” under states’ product liability laws but is merely an online marketplace that facilitates the sale of products by third-party vendors.


Not one but two stories of Amazon screwing its customers have been reported in the past week and both customers happen to have purchased top-tier GeForce RTX 3090 (Ti) graphics cards from the retail outlet but got something completely different, one didn't even get a graphics card within the box but instead got SAND.


Amazon has impacted seemingly every segment of the modern economy. Take warehousing, for example. High storage fees at Fulfillment by Amazon forces merchants to seek alternatives, creating opportunities for independent logistics providers.


For online sellers, marketplaces can exacerbate the problem through their payout practices (not immediately releasing to sellers the proceeds of their sales).


It sued more than 10,000 Facebook groups, including one, called “Amazon Product Review,” which had more than 43,000 members. Fake reviews have become an increasing problem for Amazon as its third-party marketplace has grown to amass millions of sellers.


This new rating approach will provide sellers an at-a-glance view of their selling account and also enable them to quickly cure any policy violations that caused their account to receive a lower rating.


Over the last few decades, e-commerce has seen a massive change and overhaul of the data landscape. In no shorter terms, data makes the world go round.


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Tips and Tricks

The best time to prepare an e-Commerce company for an eventual sale is now. To maximize its valuation, build the company in a manner which makes it attractive to buyers.


With a mug of coffee and the T.V. on in the background, she’ll settle into her home office around 11:50 p.m. and wait. At midnight, she’ll jolt into lightning mode, eyes darting from category to category—home goods, tech, fashion, beauty—through every page of listings.


Amazon has become the place to shop for just about anything you want online, but not everything will go as planned all the time. Orders can get lost, or payment issues can pop up sometimes. The number of things that can go wrong is endless.


For those wondering how to do dropshipping, this guide will explore what it is, how it works and how to get started with this potentially lucrative side hustle.


With the competition as fierce as ever, Amazon sellers need all the help they can get. Luckily, there are many helpful Chrome extensions that Amazon sellers can use to their advantage. In this article, we will review a few Chrome extensions that we think are the best tools for your Amazon business.



Introducing an online arbitrage (and wholesale) sourcing tool Stephen and Rebecca both love. Listen today to hear all about the mechanics of using RevSeller, and how having all the information together in one place helps us to make better sourcing decisions.


In this episode, we talked to Matt Altman to share all the strategies he uses from managing Amazon brands with over $250 million of yearly revenue.