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#94 - New Amazon Policy, Seller Wallet, Quarterly Report, and much more

Employee moving yellow plastic box in Amazon fulfillment center
Welcome to the 94th edition of FBA Monthly news! As always, welcome new subscribers, glad you’re with us. It has been an exciting two weeks in the Amazon space, and we are ready to share it with you. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter at @FBAmonthly to not miss any updates.

Hot News

Amazon announced Monday it would begin automatically authorizing customer requests to return certain types of goods on August 31st, including sexual wellness products and professional medical supplies.


If you're thinking of owning an FBA business, you can either start from scratch or buy an existing one. Deciding between the two can involve a fair bit of brainstorming. If you have the skills and the intent to fight it out and grow a successful online brand of your own, you should give it a shot.


Our selling partners are at the heart of what we do. They delight customers with their products and services, and they support their local communities. That’s why we invest billions of dollars each year to help sellers expand their businesses by improving the infrastructure, tools, services, and fulfillment solutions to sell on Amazon.


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Good to Know

Amazon acknowledges this problem and according to them, they try extremely hard to remove fake reviews from their platform.


Amazon Ad could become another play for Amazon’s ecommerce one oasis. Indeed, the biggest threat to Google search (for merchants) is not Bing, but Amazon, because on merchant advertising, Amazon is winning that segment.


We have prepared the accompanying consolidated financial statements pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") for interim financial reporting.


Many publishers are betting big on seller-defined audiences (SDA) as a centerpiece of their post-third-party-cookie monetization plans.


According to Brian Albrecht, the chief economist of the International Center for Law and Economics, self-preferencing “is when a company gives an advantage to one of its own products.


The e-retailer is expanding its grocery fleet and experimenting with apparel stores. But it has abandoned stand-alone brick and mortar for book sales and other merchandise.


After announcing second quarter results that included boffo growth in its cloud and advertising services businesses while its unprofitable e-commerce business shrank, I think Amazon’s board should again consider creating two new companies: Amazon Services And Amazon Products.


Jungle Scout’s research tracks how consumers are responding to inflation. More than 3 in 4 consumers have adjusted their spending, including half who now only buy generic brands or products on sale.


This week, Amazon announced a partnership with retailers like Pacsun, GNC, Superdry, and Diesel to offer same-day delivery to Prime members in select ZIP codes across more than ten cities.


Amazon is getting flooded with counterfeit versions of books, angering customers and authors alike who say the site is doing little to fight the literary fraudsters.


Conversely, this ease of entrance resulted in an oversaturated market, filled with similar products and low-quality knockoffs. Amazon’s latest effort against counterfeits, the Amazon Brand Registry, has only given a mild relief to this problem in exchange for other adverse side effects: the rise of forgotten brands and trademark trolls.


Amazon began collecting higher USPS rates a week before the rates were set to take effect and said it got around to refunding sellers 3 weeks later. The over-charging incident appears to have been a deliberate decision, not a glitch, which would have been a violation of USPS policy.


Every U.S. business is hurting from inflation right now. Even the largest companies aren’t immune: Walmart, for example, cut its estimates for quarterly and annual profits this week.


The online retail and grocery giant reported lobbying numerous parts of the federal government about infant formula as the supply crisis blew up this spring — the first time it's weighed in on the issue.


Amazon is continuing to expand its last mile services beyond its own retail ecosystem with the addition of same-day delivery service from a number of leading retailers’ stores, including PacSun, GNC, SuperDry and Diesel. Sur La Table and 100% Pure also will join this roster in the next few months.


Amazon isn't able to stop a coterie of sellers drop-shipping products from Sam's Club to consumers — which is against Amazon's policy — the maker of Dum-Dums told Bloomberg, adding that it likely has cost the company "millions."


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Tips and Tricks

The wholesale business model consists of purchasing products in bulk at a wholesale cost and reselling them at a retail price. This is the same business model many brick-and-mortar stores follow, and you can do the same on Amazon!


If you’re not selling online, are you really selling? This is a question you likely asked yourself in the beginning stages of building your business. And if you’re an executive of a company who has been selling online for a while, you may be trying to figure out how to sell more online.


Sometimes the stress of managing and profitably running PPC campaigns is not worth your time. So what can you do? Your solution may be to utilize software or an advertising agency effectively run your Amazon ads to save you time and money.


You’ve likely seen the “Ship from Amazon.com” and “Sold by Amazon.com” labels in the Buy Box when shopping on Amazon. That means Amazon purchased inventory in bulk from that brand and is reselling it to its customers — just like any other retailer!



I will be sharing with you a recent case study we did with one of our private clients. How Sending 6 Emails Generated $5,014


We've been talking about our Freedom Plan throughout our recent episodes—a road map that we use for our plans for the next 20 or 30 years. And one of these is to build a cash-flowing business because it's hard to make a leap when you don't have that security.