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#95 - Second Amazon Prime Day 2022, Fulfillment Fees Up 30%, and much more

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Happy Monday, readers! We are pleased to announce that the new, #95 issue of FBA Monthly is here! Only essential, curated news from Amazon space. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

Hot News

Amazon is finding new ways to boost revenue, including planning to add a second “Prime Day” around the holidays this year. Amazon is also increasing prices for third-party sellers for the holidays this year, adding a fulfillment fee from mid-October to mid-January.


Amazon has increased the fulfillment fees by over 30% since 2020. A series of small fee jumps has added up to a meaningful increase. Amazon is passing off its growing costs to third-party sellers.


Sellers who attend next month’s Amazon conference will have a chance to meet not only with company representatives, but with third-party service providers as well through Partner Connect.


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Good to Know

This year will be no exception, according to Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO and founder of Teikametrics, which optimizes over $8 billion in GMV across thousands of sellers around the world.


In what will likely be a never-ending duel between Amazon and Walmart, as their online platforms expand, it is the seller-focused marketplaces — integrating everything from catalogs to fulfillment — that will help craft a competitive advantage.


From Oct. 15 through Jan. 14, third-party sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon will have to pay 35 cents per item sold in the U.S. or Canada. It’s the first time Amazon has hiked seller fees for the holidays.


In what Amazon calls a first, the e-retailer on Tuesday sued a Rhode Island man and his company for allegedly selling fake, 5-star reviews to bolster seller feedback of third-party retailers who peddle products on Amazon.com.


Amazon sellers may be forced to pay UPS rates for returns this holiday season. It's another example of how little control sellers have over policies they extend to customers when selling on online marketplaces.


In the days before Amazon was the place we went for everything from household items to clothing, mail-ordering an item meant you would wait as little as a week or as long as months on end, depending on what shipping service the retailer used.


Amazon is running a new promotion for sellers who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry – it’s giving them access to what it calls Premium A+ content at no charge, which can help boost sales.


Everything was going great as long as everyone joining the Amazon seller program had to go through these institutes if they were to make accounts on Amazon.


Tips and Tricks

TikToker, Amzpatharris, shared a post claiming he makes thousands of dollars extra every month thanks to an Amazon side gig.


It is a huge platform with lots of potential for entrepreneurs that will fit any type of strategy. There are some that involve a lot of upfront investment and some with just a little to get started.


We recommend selling products on Amazon to earn some extra money during the economic downturn. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. We’ll go over all of them and show you how you can sell on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms to earn some extra income.


Tim van der Bilt, head of global marketplace specialist, Incubeta Maze-One, shares five insights for local marketing leaders when considering how they should respond to Amazon’s local launch next year.



Today, I have my friend Norm Farrar on the show. Norm is a serial entrepreneur and leading Amazon expert with over 25 years of product sourcing and development experience.


Today we will be talking about something that is going to help you, and that is how to write email hooks that get more opens and makes more sales.


Kevin speaks with the top sellers and speakers at BDSS in Austin to share their hard-hitting strategies and wisdom to help you crush it on Amazon!