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#96 - Amazon Announces New Service, Holiday Shipping Surcharges, and much more

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Hi, there! We hope you are doing fine. September means it's time to wake up from hibernation! In the #96 issue of FBA Monthly, we compiled for you only essential news and tips from the past two weeks. But before we get to the latest news, we want to ask you to follow us on Twitter - @FBAmonthly

Hot News

Amazon will raise prices on third-party sellers for the second time this year — this time adding a holiday fee for merchants who use the company’s fulfillment services to pack and ship items to customers.


Justice Department investigates Amazon and some of its executives on charges that they have withheld information about Amazon’s use of third-party seller data or lied to the committee about the topic.


Amazon Warehousing & Distribution provides low-cost, long-term storage that gives sellers the option to store their inventory in Amazon distribution centers and seamlessly replenish to fulfillment centers.


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Good to Know

As inflation’s bite lingers and big box retailers dig themselves out of massive inventory gluts, Amazon’s latest earnings report looked like an anomaly.


Pharmapacks, one of the top Amazon sellers, filed for bankruptcy on Sunday. Despite annual sales exceeding $500 million, the business was unprofitable and failed to secure additional financing.


eBay, Amazon, and Etsy warned sellers in the UK of the pending postal strike actions, the first of four which hit the country today, August 26th. The companies also offered information and advice to sellers.


While 61% of respondents said they started on Amazon during the second quarter, that's down from 74% in the first quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, search engines have remained steady at 49%. (Respondents could select more than one option.)


Buying a proven and established business has many benefits, especially for new entrepreneurs. And buying a proven and established online business is that much better because you can run it from virtually anywhere.


The vice president of marketing for Paper Mart recently decided to stop selling products on Amazon. The reasons, McGuire says, are varied. First, the high fees charged by Amazon for its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program were problematic.


Amazon is testing a new program for eligible US sellers to identify their products and storefront as a Black-owned business, the company announced this week.


The American e-commerce giant’s 2021 gross merchandise value in the country, where it has deployed over $6.5 billion, stood between $18 billion to $20 billion, lagging Flipkart’s $23 billion, the analysts said in a report to clients.


The pandemic’s surge in demand for goods spending, along with the natural desire to avoid crowds, allowed the company to flip the switch, leading to record fortunes and realizing many of the fears anti-monopolists warned about regarding the e-commerce giant.


Sellers are still trying to figure out the benefit of using a feature Amazon first introduced in October after the company announced it again this week. The feature lets brands issue courtesy refunds to buyers who leave critical reviews of their products.


Amazon allows third-party sellers to use its online retail platform to advertise items, make sales and communicate with customers. Ordinarily, when an Amazon customer purchases an item listed by a third-party seller, Amazon credits the third-party seller’s internal Amazon account for the amount of that purchase.


Eddie Levine and Jing Gao have worked in e-commerce for over a decade. When they tied the knot Aug. 21, their wedding reception paid homage to their careers in the online retail world.


The e-commerce giant has elevated Tinuiti, an independent performance marketing firm in Streaming TV and digital advertising, to “advanced partner” status through a new global recognition program that recognizes partners based on the growth they deliver for Amazon’s Ads Partner Network.


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Tips and Tricks

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