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#99 - Amazon Stole the World, Advertising Optimizations for Q4, and much more

Amazon employee pushing a trolley with cardboard boxes in the fulfillment center
Good day readers! #99 issue of FBA Monthly includes insights into the latest news on Amazon advertising optimizations in Q4, creepy empty envelopes from Amazon sellers, and much more. Follow @FBAmonthly on Twitter to let us know what you think about the issue. Enjoy your reading!

Hot News

Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce appears unchallenged in most of its core markets; however, that position is surprisingly recent. It wasn’t until 2008 when Amazon’s enterprise value outgrew eBay’s, and in many countries, it took even more years for Amazon to overtake in market share.


People across the US lately have been receiving mysterious, empty packages in the mail — and experts are blaming shenanigans by third-party merchants on Amazon, The Post has learned.


End the fourth quarter on a high note. Set aside a chunk of your advertising budget to take advantage of Amazon's commercial traffic.


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Good to Know

University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business Marketing Professor Jinhong Xie and Bloomberg's Brad Stone join Emily Chang to discuss the latest Amazon Prime Day sale, what it means for the upcoming holiday shopping season - and whether consumers really do get products at a discount.


Insider first reported the news, and an Amazon spokesperson confirmed the departures. They are part of a larger series of recent exits among Amazon’s senior leaders.


An Amazon customer took to Reddit's "Mildly Infuriating" forum to share a screenshot of an emotional message he said he received from a seller who asked that they cancel his purchase.


Amazon is once again rolling out a more generous return policy during the holiday season with which all of its sellers must comply. For the 3rd consecutive year, Amazon is giving shoppers until the end of January to return goods purchased in October.


“Amazon continues to have a significant number of open roles available across the company,” Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser said by email.


Amazon has partnered with Lendistry, a minority-led community development institution. Together, Amazon and Lendistry provided $35 million in loans to about 800 qualifying marketplace sellers during the program’s initial phase, which began in September 2021.


Amazon could be facing a threat from a surprising corner: TikTok. According to Axios, TikTok is planning to build its own product fulfillment centers in the US.


SellerX — an Amazon aggregator unicorn backed by BlackRock and Sofina — is being sued by an American games company over a deal made last year.


Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, slated for Tuesday and Wednesday Oct. 11-12, is the company’s attempt to jump-start the holiday shopping season and replicate the effects of its summertime Prime Day event on its bottom line.


Major retailers have gotten their wish with a bill meant to curb counterfeit and stolen productions added to the Senate’s defense spending authorization.


Given the various approaches that marketplaces take to product pages, sellers must dedicate resources to managing SKUs and listings across multiple marketplaces.


Amazon has been accused of making “a complete and utter shambles” of implementing HFSS regulations across its website, which has left many compliant brands unable to boost their products in searches and category pages.


Amazon invited sellers to participate in its upcoming Prime Early Access Sale being held next week. Amazon has stated that its new 48-hour event gives Prime members exclusive early access to holiday deals.


If you want to get the items you create to a wider audience, but you don’t want the hassle of creating and maintaining your own online store, you may want to list them on the two biggest ecommerce platforms or artisans and markers.


Last year, founder and CEO Peter Dering discovered Amazon was selling a bag that looked strikingly similar to Peak’s top-selling product, the Everyday Sling Bag.


Some of the best sellers from the Top 100 deals list were the Macbook Air M1; the Peloton Bike; Bose earbuds and headphones; Casper pillows and toppers; and Shark hair dryers, vacuums, and air purifiers.


On one hand Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, openly supports specific pieces of cannabis legislation for reform and allows unregulated employees to consume cannabis on their own time.


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Tips and Tricks

The world is increasingly shifting to online shopping and has chosen Amazon as its flagbearer. The site’s efforts toward customer satisfaction have resulted in it building the kind of trust that attracts traffic in the millions.


Instead of restocking the items or burying them in a landfill, retailers sell them at often discounted rates. As a result, you may be able to buy single items or entire pallets of goodies. This guide shows how to buy unclaimed Amazon or USPS packages locally or online.


At Jungle Scout, we often talk about how to research, launch, and sell products on the US Amazon marketplace, but what about doing the same across the pond?


What tools can scale your Amazon marketing? Learn about the most up-to-date marketing, research, and reporting tools for Amazon sellers.



In this episode, we talk to Josh Hadley to share his story, from making custom wedding invitations to selling $10 million a year on Amazon.