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#100 - Amazon Has Cut Storage Space for Sellers, Q3 Results, and much more

Amazon employee operating conveyor tape with cardboard boxes on it
Dear readers, we are thrilled to welcome you to the anniversary issue! Thank you all, newcomers and those who were with us since 2018th, when the very first newsletter was sent. Today we presenting you the #100 issue of FBA Monthly! Enjoy reading!

Hot News

Amazon’s growth is slowing, but so has the overall e-commerce sector. Its sales are still in-line with the pre-pandemic trendline.


In the past four months, employees across our consumer businesses have worked relentlessly to put together compelling Prime Member Deal Events with our eighth annual Prime Day and the brand new Prime Early Access Sale in early October.


Over the past few days, sellers are reporting that Amazon has significantly reduced FBA storage space available to them in its fulfillment centers. Reports have come in via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Good to Know

The 800-pound gorilla that is Amazon finds itself coming off as a corporate bully when its private label teams find small and growing brand products and then produce knockoff versions that it sells at a considerable discount.


With the addition of the newly opened Amazon Belgian Store, Amazon now covers 22 stores in over 200 countries, and supports 27 languages. At the end of 2021, Amazon had more than 400 fulfilment centers across the globe. Same-day Amazon Prime delivery service now covers more than 50% of the US.


The authority said Amazon tied using FBA to a set of exclusive benefits, including the Prime label, that help increase visibility and boost sales on Amazon.


Is anyone else using Amazon sick and tired of it's 2-step verification? It's cumbersome and requires that I get my phone, log into the phone, wait for a code, before I can access Amazon for anything including as a buyer.


This time ecommerce giant Amazon — and its nudge-tastic ‘Buy Box’ — is in the frame for an incoming opt-out representative legal action that’s been announced in the U.K., seeking an estimated £900 million in damages to compensate tens of millions of consumers for alleged anti-competitive behavior.


These are questions Houglum addresses during her weekly meeting with Art of Tea’s in-house Amazon account manager. The retailer hired one in 2021 specifically to manage marketing and selling through its Amazon store.


Amazon will share information about new programs at a Holiday Season Seller Success Summit event next week – but if you don’t attend the live session, you’ll miss out, as Amazon will not be making the virtual event available for replay.


There are many duties that an Amazon entrepreneur must perform to successfully run their eStore. One of those is getting their products ready to be stored and shipped.


Amazon.com Inc. has decided to continue its Amazon Community Lending program, launched a year ago, as a long-term offering to help sellers grow.


Accel has backed a startup named Mason based in India and the U.S. that has built a commerce engine for sellers around the world to help them sell products online without paying the exorbitant “Amazon tax.”


Should you be able to charge higher prices on the different channels on which you sell? And if it costs you more to sell on some platforms than others, should you be able to charge higher prices than on less costly platforms?


Amazon’s extension of the UPS option for seller-fulfilled returns underscores the two companies’ enduring ties, even as UPS reduces the share of its revenue from the online retail giant.


Amazon sellers are in a frenzy to delete past posts on the discussion boards after learning Amazon will display their business names when migrating them to a new "reimagined" seller forum.


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Tips and Tricks

Conventional marketing strategy is not just time-consuming but also challenging and costly. With the emergence of digital marketing, the manner in which a business communicates has evolved around modern technology.


This article was written in collaboration with Amazon Global Selling Singapore. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of DollarsAndSense.sg based on our research.


It's no mystery that Amazon frequently works with third-party sellers. If you ordered something on Amazon and from "Amazon," it might have originated from another party, even though Amazon is the entity that shipped it.


Amid rising inflation concerns worldwide, one enterprising social media influencer has devised an ingenious way to earn up to $10,000 per month — by selling rebranded items on Amazon.


The road to success as an Amazon seller can be long, complex, and lonely. Though when things become challenging, determined sellers find ways to figure it out no matter what. Keep reading to learn about the best Amazon seller forums and communities to follow in 2022.


Anyone know the story behind this? I'm logged into all three versions of Amazon. Put it in by basket in all of them to see if there would be some price changes, tax maybe, or toll, or something.



This is the first time they’ve done the two prime days. The first one is in July, so it’s the beginning of Q3, and now they’re doing one at the beginning of Q4.


In this episode, Bradley goes over all the latest updates with Helium 10 and how you can use it to make you or save you thousands of dollars on Amazon. How cool is that?


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