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#101 - US Taxation for Chinese Amazon Sellers, Ad Business, and much more

An Amazon employee sorting packages on the shelves of in fulfillment center
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Hot News

The US shouldn’t shy away from protecting Americans from unfair trade practices. A tax on Chinese e-commerce sellers in the US would be a reputational cost of doing business with years of protection failures, says the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s David Morse.


The vendor financing business just got a bit more competitive as eCommerce leader Amazon announced that it is launching a new merchant cash advance option it says is simple and flexible with repayment options that are tailored to the ebb and flow of sales.


Chinese sellers have recouped the market share they lost on Amazon over the past two years. It looked like they were abandoning Amazon for a while, but that has since turned out false.


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Good to Know

Amazon’s ad business outpaced Google’s and Facebook’s growth every quarter for the past three years. It’s still smaller, but Amazon is not competing with retailers for advertising dollars - it is going after Google and Facebook.


Amazon.com Inc. now allows some shoppers to use Venmo to pay at checkout. And starting on Black Friday, all Amazon shoppers will be able to use the option at checkout, “in time for peak holiday shopping,” said Venmo owner PayPal Holdings Inc. CEO Daniel Schulman.


Amazon's marketplace helps sell more products from its third-party partners than the company itself. Advertising demand is weakening across the economy, but it remains a bright spot for the company.


Here are a few recent developments with notable implications that may have flown under the radar: 1) renewed focus on gig economy issues; 2) potential enforcement efforts regarding director overlaps; and 3) challenges to MFN pricing.


The European Commission has preliminarily found that Amazon's rules and criteria for its Buy Box unduly favour its own retail business alongside those that use Amazon's logistics and delivery services.


A new report shows how Amazon is providing opportunity, tools, and services to help nearly 500,000 selling partners in the U.S. reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world.


A seller recently noticed Amazon was showing seller feedback inconsistently - most offers on a product detail page showed the number of feedback the seller had received in the past year, but one seller had their lifetime feedback count showing.


Profitability challenges, complex logistics, and difficulty forecasting sales are major pain points for consumer brands that sell via Amazon in Europe and the Middle East — according to new research from Pattern, the category leader for global ecommerce acceleration.


Similar to other federal courts ruling on the same issue, the Court determined that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the case under the Tax Injunction Act (TIA) because a remedy is available to the taxpayers in California state court.


Amazon announced the identification and disruption of three counterfeiting operations in China thanks to local Public Security Bureaus (PSB) and intel provided by Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU).


Type any random product into Amazon’s search bar and look closely at the results. If you don’t scroll, every listing in front of you will most likely be an ad, signaled by a small label with the word “Sponsored.”


Since the launch of its AmazonBasics brand in 2009, Amazon has been growing its private label business from common staple goods like discount batteries to a full-fledged suite of more than 100 private label brands.


Amazon plans to delist large seller Appario Retail, in which it maintains a stake, from the marketplace, a year after ending ties for another large seller following allegations from retailers that some sellers received preferential treatment.


In late April we reported that Flipkart was opening up its logistics arm Ekart to other ecommerce companies. Now Amazon India is following suit with a new vertical called Amazon Shipping.


Rumours that Amazon will be making an entry into South Africa next year have retailers eager to take advantage of the world’s biggest marketplace.


With the pandemic changing consumer behaviour and expanding the e-commerce industry, Amazon Global Selling has created new tools and resources to help Thai businesses cross borders.


Tips and Tricks

This article takes a deep dive into Amazon Brand Registry’s features and benefits, how to get started, and how trademarking and other tactics can help you protect your Amazon business.


Raunak Nirmal has spent his entire retail career in the Amazon ecosystem. Now, he’s building a portfolio of e-commerce brands to bring to the shelves of major retailers around the world.


In this article, we’ll go over Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database tool, how to use it, and how it’ll take your supplier research to the next level.


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