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#102 - Amazon Rising Selling Fees, Sellers' Facial Recognition, and much more

Amazon employee in fulfillment center rolling trolley with paper bags
Greetings! It's time for the last issue of FBA Monthly this autumn. While some of you might have suffered from rains and early snow, It's a perfect moment to improve your Amazon business or start from scratch. In this, 102nd issue, we shared with you only important news and tips from the past two weeks.

Hot News

Nearly 60% of the items sold on Amazon come from third-party sellers, but it will cost more for sellers to store their items in Amazon Fulfillment Centers beginning in January.


Let’s look to the future and make new predictions for how running an FBA business will differ in 2023. Then we’ll see how Jungle Scout’s 2022 forecast held up to what happened this year.


Amazon has tied selling on Amazon to its fulfillment service, FBA. But it now chaotically restricts how much space it allocates to sellers while at the same time raising fees.


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How Micro-Influencer giveaways have helped brands 5X revenue

Good to Know

E-commerce spending in the U.S. exceeded $1 trillion over the past twelve months. A milestone that pre-pandemic trends predicted would only occur in 2024.


“Today, we are launching Account Health Assurance, a new benefit for sellers who consistently achieve a high Account Health Rating (AHR).


Amazon will test facial recognition, forgery detection, and other automated technologies as a new alternative for verifying the identities of online sellers.


Amazon sellers should be aware of the 2022 USPS Postage Rate Increase and its benefits. This increase is designed to offset the extra handling costs that the USPS will incur. It’s part of USPS’ more significant effort to achieve financial stability.


New University of Florida research reveals the way online retailers raise product list prices to offer fake discounts to customers that are actually more expensive than the list price just weeks earlier. It’s a practice sure to impact many holiday shoppers searching for Black Friday deals online.


Merchant cash advance is a new financing option that Amazon has introduced for small company sellers. The advance is given by Parafin, an American company that offers expansion finance to sellers.


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Security experts are warning shoppers to stay vigilant this winter - as thousands are expected to flock to popular sites like Amazon come November 25, to get their hands on highly sought-after tech goods for a generously discounted rate.


From the United States to Bangladesh, from Germany to South Africa, Amazon will face coordinated strikes and protests today demanding that the company raises wages above inflation for all its workers and stops its union busting.


Greg Greeley, optimistic about e-commerce, is pushing Thrasio to keep growing after a period of layoffs, executive turnover and paused acquisitions.


WSJ shared a recent survey from investment firm Evercore ISI, which demonstrated that the number of customers who said they were "extremely" or "very satisfied" with Amazon has decreased significantly, from a peak of 88% nearly a decade ago to 79% in 2022.


Germany’s antitrust watchdog has moved to widen an existing investigation of Amazon’s business in the market in light of special abuse powers it confirmed are applicable to the ecommerce giant’s business in the country this summer.


The e-commerce giant is again touting discounts for Black Friday, but regulators claim Amazon's rules make online shopping more expensive.


The recent judgment by the General Court (GC) upholding the EC’s decision confirmed that self-preferencing by a dominant firm can be a stand-alone abuse in certain circumstances.


According to recent reports provided by various sources, Amazon will be able to end two EU investigations by the end of the year by addressing concerns over its seller data.


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Tips and Tricks

We’ll tell you all about Amazon Handmade, explore the requirements for becoming a Handmade seller, compare Amazon Handmade vs. Etsy, and more.


Arbitrage sounds like a term from the financial dictionary – but don’t let that fool you. If you are interested in making money with online arbitrage, read on to learn more about how it works and how to get started immediately.


Amazon offers a number of programs for content creators to monetize their audiences.The e-commerce giant has affiliate-marketing tools and ways to sell products live. Here are some of the ways influencers are earning money on Amazon, and how much they've made.


Customers don't read listings on Amazon, they only look at images, and there are some simple ways to use imagery to boost clicks, increase sales and improve rankings, an e-commerce specialist has revealed.


“Amazon is a place where so many brands can get discovered, and so many people go to discover new brands,” said McGinn when explaining Amazon’s potential to uplift specialty food businesses.


Continue reading to learn more about what a unique selling proposition is, why your products need one, and some real-life examples of Amazon products with killer unique selling propositions.



Today we have two guests, one has sold tens of millions of dollars on Amazon, and the other has helped sellers get tens of millions of dollars reimbursed by Amazon.