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#103 - Amazon Fee Hike Fallout, Unicorns Built on Amazon, and much more

Amazon employee checking a box on conveyor tape in fulfillment center
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Hot News

All of the hundreds of billions of Amazon GMV involves external software. It’s an invisible layer surrounding Amazon with a combined enterprise value of tens of billions of dollars.


According to Capterra research, nearly half (48%) of third-party Amazon sellers say new holiday fulfillment fees will impact profitability—and they’re overwhelmingly looking to competitors for lower costs


As two of the year’s biggest retail events come to a close, Jungle Scout has compiled a list of some of the most anticipated holiday gifts of 2022 to examine sales performance on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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Good to Know

Amazon isn’t the only one making an impact on gift shopping this year: online shopping is hugely popular, with extended Black Friday deals drawing people to all sorts of products.


Now that the dust has settled after Election Day, lawmakers have headed back to Washington for a lame duck session that is anything but lame. From averting a government shutdown to the National Defense Authorization Act, Congress has a laundry list of pressing legislative matters that it needs to address.


Amazon also agreed to create alternate featured offers for customers less concerned about getting their purchase as quickly as possible, as well as give sellers free rein to decide on the company they want to deliver their goods.


Bloomberg's Spencer Soper, Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow discuss how some merchants are putting popular items like car phone mounts in such slow-selling categories as car axles to make them look like top sellers.


Sellers on Amazon face a potentially lower bottom line this holiday season as they wait for partial refunds of wrongly calculated seller fees. Often, the wait drags on with little or no money returned.


Some Amazon.com shoppers could not complete checkout Dec. 7. Some sellers also felt the impact as sales nosedived during the Amazon outage.


Amazon is obsessed with inventory turnover, which is how fast products ship out after they’re stocked on fulfillment center shelves.


Amazon is expanding a new cash advance service for sellers next year, part of a growing crop of short-term financial services catering to e-commerce businesses amid a drop in venture spending.


Amazon seller acquisitions declined only slightly in 2022 despite slow e-commerce growth and rising interest rates. Seller valuations have decreased, but more buyers that don’t call themselves aggregators allowed strong businesses to stay in demand.


An analysis by the fraudulent-review-detection service Fakespot of 720 million Amazon reviews in 2020 found that about 42 percent were bogus.


Our research found that 61% and 56% of the populations across the 11 countries we studied engaged in those activities — 31% and 25%, respectively, doing so on a daily basis.


Amazon has seen enormous employee losses over the course of 2022. Engadget reports that employee attrition rates rose to as high as 150% this year, and this should be alarming for a number of reasons.


The ad-verification scheme is similar to demised programs from other tech giants, like Google, and gives Amazon access to members' phone data to learn about how they interact with advertisements.


For Amazon, alternatives to the doorstep as final point of interaction will do much to keep its customers, and merchants engaged and loyal — where users make their purchases on Amazon but make the journey to the local store/warehouse of the seller to pick up the goods.


That’s helpful for sellers who wish to put their own brand front and center, but it also helps them comply with policies for sales made through other platforms like Walmart that don’t allow sellers to ship orders in packages branded with their rival’s logos.


Watch artist Dehanna Jones create blown-glass pieces at her studio in Seattle, and learn how she maintains her art practice and a small business.


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Tips and Tricks

As you launch and grow your business, you may find yourself looking for Amazon business financing to expand your operations and increase your product offerings — but this usually requires additional working capital that not every seller or small business owner has.


Here's how you can optimize your Amazon product listings, attract last-minute shoppers and get a slice of the holiday sales pie.


This article will act as a one-stop shop for how to do product research for Amazon. We’ll provide a quick overview of Amazon product research and links to our Live Amazon Product Research Webinar Series!


Amazon is an excellent platform for selling your products. However, you need to research before listing your products on Amazon because many other sellers also have an account on this platform. This guide will help you find out how to buy wholesale products on Amazon.


What if there was a new way to make money through eCommerce – one that bypasses all the hard work of traditional arbitrage and instead has you using the major benefits of order fulfillment by Amazon?!


Amazon is an e-commerce giant and one of the main players in online markets. Active online shoppers must have come across this platform loads of times, as it seems to be an immense warehouse that contains every single thing you need.


In this article, we will cover the following: What is Amazon OTT advertising? Who is eligible to use OTT ads. What are the benefits of Amazon OTT ads? Best practices for Amazon OTT ads.



As Christmas approaches, you may be wondering if you, as an Amazon seller. can navigate the treacherous waters of your competition dropping their prices, sometime drastically, soon after Christmas day.