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#137 - Everything about Amazon Prime Day 2024, Shein Overlap, and more

Amazon employee in fulfilment center
In Issue #137, we delve deep into the ever-evolving landscape of online retail, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate and conquer the challenges ahead. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes into the waters of e-commerce, FBA Monthly is your trusted companion on the journey to success.

Hot News

According to Marketplace Pulse research, more than 50% of Walmart sellers also sell on Amazon. The number is undercounted because sellers were compared using their business name, which, while normalized to remove common differences like “LLC” versus “L.L.C.,” couldn’t account for all variations. The overlap is likely closer to 80-90% as the average seller typically starts with Amazon and then expands to Walmart; it’s rare to see Walmart-only or Walmart-first sellers.


It's still a few months away but it won't be long until Amazon Prime Day 2024 is here. The retailer's annual mega-sale for its paid members is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. While a date hasn't been announced just yet, it will likely take place in July once again. We've got an idea of what to expect from this year's event following the big Amazon Spring Sale in March. That sale included lots of discounted Amazon devices, TVs, laptops and more - the majority of which should be on sale again in July.


The hardest part about selling on Amazon is, well, figuring out what to sell on Amazon. You may have what you think is a great idea for a product, but smart sellers rely on data — not always their gut instincts — for which products to invest in. How do you pick the best products to sell on Amazon? How do you know what consumers are buying during this time of year? How much inventory should you purchase? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this article, so keep reading.


Good to Know

Amazon shoppers were likely just looking for an affordable stand mixer. Instead, they found a product listing, from the company Ailessom, entitled: “3-IN-1 The Seller is a Motherf*cker”. The listing was soon shared online, specifically in the corners of e-commerce LinkedIn. Numerous social media posts mocked the link in question, yet it still took over 12 hours for Amazon to ultimately take it down. As of this writing, the product — and its vulgar description — is still indexed in Google.


Amazon made a serious effort — and a hefty investment — to prevent counterfeit, fraud, and other forms of abuse on its e-commerce site in 2023. During the year, Amazon invested more than $1.2 billion and employed more than 15,000 people, including machine learning scientists, software developers and investigators, to detect and eliminate fraud affecting its suppliers, sellers and customers.


In March, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that could force ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban in U.S. app stores. Much of the related discussion and debate has centered around American data security and speech rights, but a potential move also highlights something else: TikTok is growing its focus on e-commerce, but the interplay of tech giants and geopolitics is squeezing smaller merchants.


The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is investigating Amazon (AMZN.O), opens new tab and other retailers for the alleged marketing and selling of unlawful electronic devices, an FCC spokesperson told Reuters on Wednesday. "We have several ongoing investigations into retailers, including Amazon, for potential violations of Commission rules related to the marketing and sale of equipment without proper FCC authorization," said Jonathan Uriarte, Director of Strategic Communications at the FCC.


Chinese e-commerce vendors that want to sell products on TikTok Shop in the U.S. as an alternative to Amazon are upset by moves they say the short video app has made to tighten enforcement of its rules for overseas sellers opening shops on the platform. Chinese-owned TikTok, which faces the threat of having to divest its U.S. operations or be banned, has in recent weeks taken a harder stance toward enforcing its internal rules, according to five Chinese vendors on the site and an industry association that represents 3,000 Chinese stores selling products online.


The digital age has ushered in a revolution in the way we buy and sell goods. At the forefront of this revolution is Amazon, a platform that has grown from a humble online bookstore to a global e-commerce juggernaut. Central to this transformation has been the advent and integration of artificial intelligence (AI). This technology is not just changing the game; it's rewriting the rules on how people sell on Amazon.


Amazon is a more complex phenomenon than a highly successful marketplace selling its items and enabling third-party vendors to use its platform to sell its products. It is a multinational technology company relying on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon enjoys a reputation as the world’s most influential economic and cultural force. It is also a brand that sets the rules and commands respect even among its FANG peers, Meta (formerly Facebook), Netflix, and Alphabet/Google, which have demonstrated massive growth in recent years.


Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has announced he is entering the cannabis market as a seller, as the state still figures out retail sales of the drug on the heels of legalizing marijuana for adults last year. Ventura is launching his own brand of cannabis edibles in partnership with Retro Bakery, which is based in suburban Minneapolis and producing hemp-derived THC edibles under the Jesse Ventura Farms brand, Minnesota Public Radio reported.


I recently bought four Western Digital hard drives through Amazon. The drives were defective. I contacted the manufacturer and confirmed in writing that the drives were defective due to the loud grinding noises being made when they were in operation. When I told the Amazon seller of the defective condition, a representative told me they would not issue a full refund of the purchase, but that I could return the drives to the manufacturer. This was after I forwarded them the manufacturer’s recommendation that I should return the drives to the seller.


Tips and Tricks

Dropshipping products on Amazon is a unique business model that doesn’t require as much upfront investment as private label or wholesale would. While the low overhead and upfront costs are desirable, you need to be sure you’re following the rules of dropshipping on Amazon to do it right. Want to learn more about selling on Amazon? Check out our complete guide.


If you’re like many Amazon shoppers, you often read reviews of products before you make a purchase. Amazon reviews can be insightful, informative and often even funny. They can help you determine if clothing runs true to size or if household goods are constructed with quality materials. Whether you’re in the market for home appliances or children’s toys, Amazon reviews can help you find products that are worth the money.


An Amazon Storefront (or Store) is basically your own custom branded website on Amazon that allows registered brands to showcase their products — without any distractions from competitors’ products or ads. It’ll have the look and feel of a real ecommerce store, with Amazon’s huge audience reach. Creating an Amazon Store for your brand is simple. Continue reading to learn more about how to create an Amazon storefront step-by-step. Want to learn the basics of selling on Amazon? Check out our complete guide.


Nearly three decades ago, Amazon set out to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where people can discover and purchase the widest possible selection of safe and authentic goods. When a customer makes a purchase in our store, they trust they will receive an authentic product, whether the item is sold by Amazon Retail or by one of millions of independent sellers. And when businesses choose to sell in our store, they trust we will provide a great selling experience free from competition with bad actors.


In this in-depth guide, we’ll compare Jungle Scout and Helium 10’s features, pricing, and accuracy, helping you decide which is the best Amazon FBA tool for your business. Of course, take it with a grain of salt that we are Jungle Scout. Obviously, we believe in our own product — that’s why we use it for our own Amazon businesses — but we’re here to provide a clear, neutral comparison of Jungle Scout and Helium 10 so you can be the judge.


Today we speak to Aline Burgmann, and discover how 2021 start up Kooky turned freeze-dried snacks into a six figure business that’s still rapidly growing… and it all started with a conversation at the school gates! I’m Aline Burgmann, the co-founder of Kooky – an award-winning brand specialising in exotic, freeze-dried fruits. Together with my co-founder, Deena, we launched Kooky in the summer of 2021, producing a range of freeze-dried fruits from my native home of Thailand.


At Jungle Scout, we dive into Amazon product and category data to identify product opportunities and track ecommerce trends. This article dives into some of Amazon’s best sellers over the past 30 days and their changing product sales and revenue. While we can’t guarantee that every product on this list will be a surefire hit, our tools can help you find the best opportunities to reach your ecommerce goals.


Jenny Woo’s four streams of income have taught her a few important lessons: how to start side hustles, sustain them and make them more lucrative. Woo is a 42-year-old ex-corporate consultant and Montessori school administrative director who lectures at the University of California, Irvine, runs an online emotional intelligence course and freelances as a business consultant.


We’ll walk you through the main features of these two software solutions and provide transparent, side-by-side comparisons. At Jungle Scout, we believe in our product so strongly that we use it to manage our own FBA businesses. We’re here to provide the facts on how seller software compares — so sellers can make the best decision on which one to use.



Listen in as we team up with e-commerce maestro Kevin King to uncover some of his most closely guarded Amazon strategies and hacks, designed to both save you money and significantly boost your profits. In this first installment of a two-part series, Kevin generously shares insights from our new and latest version of the Freedom Ticket course, revealing the fundamentals of branding, product selection, and customer service—essential knowledge for any serious Amazon seller.