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#138 - Amazon FBA Fee Changes, How to Sell on Amazon for Free, and more

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Welcome back to another exciting edition of FBA Monthly – Issue #138! We're thrilled to be your trusted source for all things Amazon, providing you with the latest insights, strategies, and success stories to help you thrive in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. In this issue, we're diving deep into the strategies that will elevate your Amazon journey to new heights. From innovative marketing tactics to navigating Amazon's algorithms, we've got you covered with actionable advice and expert tips to drive your sales and grow your business.

Hot News

Thousands of brands adopted Buy with Prime two years after Amazon launched the fulfillment and one-click checkout service in April 2022. Buy with Prime allows shoppers with a Prime membership to shop on e-commerce websites other than Amazon and check out using their Amazon account. Crucially, Amazon also handles fulfillment, which means Buy with Prime is not a replacement for PayPal, Shop Pay, or Apple Pay but rather a complete e-commerce experience inside a checkout button.


You are no stranger to Amazon’s fees if you sell on the e-commerce platform. In the release of this year’s 2024 US referral and FBA fee changes summary, two new fees raised our eyebrows and will significantly impact sellers who are using Amazon’s FBA program. These updates include the introduction of an inbound and outbound placements service fee and a Low-inventory-level fee.


Did you know that you can get started selling on Amazon practically for free? This article will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started selling on Amazon without having to open your wallet. Then, once you’ve gotten a feel for how Amazon works, you can start investing a little more into your business. Let’s take a look at how to start an Amazon store without money.


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Good to Know

Unified commerce firm Cart.com has acquired Amify to expand its Amazon Marketplace services offering. Amify, which made a name for itself as the first “Amazon-as-a-service” company, provides merchants with Amazon optimization and advertising solutions. According to a Tuesday (April 2) news release, the acquisition will help meet rising demand from Cart.com’s roster of brands that need omnichannel software, services and logistics.


The head of Germany’s competition watchdog announced plans to take action against global Internet retail giant Amazon if it does not change the way it deals with third-party merchants, say reports. Amazon undermines competition through its terms made with third-party sellers, according to Germany’s competition watchdog head Andreas Mundt. The regulator is now in talks with the company “to eliminate these impediments to competition,” said Mundt, who added that the regulator would “issue a crystal clear decree” if necessary.


The return scam is a real issue for Amazon and most retailers as sellers take advantage of easy returns. The National Retail Federation found that almost 14% of returns were related to fraud in 2023. This was a huge hit on the retail industry and cost multiple companies a total of $101 billion. The foundation said this is a “major issue for our industry.”


The e-commerce giant discreetly introduced an unbranded, low-price marketplace in India called Bazaar. Per an information page from the company, the new store will be “offering a dedicated destination for fashion and home products at affordable prices.” According to TechCrunch, products will range in price from 199 Indian rupees ($2.39) to 600 Indian rupees ($7.21).


Amazon has started releasing some sellers' funds back to them after many UK and EU sellers complained of money being held unexpectedly. The change in policy comes after the BBC reported it led to some sellers' business being close to collapse. Amazon told some sellers it will now delay the temporary holds on money until January 2024.


Following an investigation into its Sold By Amazon program, Amazon has agreed to pay the office of Washington State’s attorney general office $2.25 million and provide annual updates on its compliance with antitrust laws. Available between 2018 and June 2020, the program set a pricing floor for certain products, which the Attorney General's office says "constituted unlawful price-fixing."


Last year, Amazon identified, seized and disposed of 7 million counterfeit products worldwide. That’s certainly impressive, but what’s perhaps even more impressive is the number of would-be counterfeiters that are stopped before they even have a chance to sell fake items. The Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU), established in June 2020, stopped more than 700,000 attempts by bad actors to create fake selling accounts in 2023.


Amazon is back in the sights of the UK competition authorities over concerns that it could be giving itself and sellers using its own services and advantage compared with the third parties available on its Marketplace platform. A new formal investigation at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will look into whether or not Amazon “has a dominant position in the UK and whether it is abusing that position and distorting competition”.


Tips and Tricks

One of the first big decisions you will need to make as a new Amazon FBA seller is the type of seller plan you will choose to use. Currently, there are two types of Amazon FBA seller plans: individual and professional. This article defines and compares Amazon individual vs. professional seller plans, as well as the fees and other features of each.


Start up a side hustle by selling or re-sell products on Amazon or Shopify with this Amazon FBA and Shopify drop-shipping course bundle while it’s on sale until April 16 for $23.99 with code ENJOY20. It’s not easy finding a side hustle that pays enough to be worth the effort. You could hunt for a part-time job, or you could become your own part-time boss.


In order to sell hundreds of millions of different products to consumers around the world, Amazon’s sales platform is supported by more than 6 million third-party sellers worldwide. Of those sellers, 25% sell products using a sales model called wholesale. Wholesale is the practice of purchasing bulk branded products from another manufacturer, supplier, or distributor to resell to consumers.


Like some of the largest names in tech, Amazon had humble beginnings. Back in 1994, Bezos quit his job on Wall Street to pursue eCommerce. From the garage of Bezos' rented home in Bellevue, Washington, he began building his fledgling eCommerce brand. The rest, as they say, is history. Fast-forward to today, Amazon as an online marketplace has become a juggernaut and Amazon stats reveal that it has a market share of nearly 10.40%, with over $127 billion net sales.


No matter if you’re a brand new seller or own a multi-million dollar brand, there’s something that all ecommerce businesses have to deal with—processing customer returns. It’s always a little frustrating and disheartening when you see a return request come in. It’s not just that you’ll lose money on that sale—it means your customer was unsatisfied with their purchase of your product.


One of the most common questions asked by new Amazon sellers is “where can I buy products to sell on Amazon?” While there are a few different answers to this question, an experienced seller’s answer will most likely be “on Alibaba.” Because of the simplicity of its user-friendly site and low prices, Alibaba is a great place for sellers of all experience levels to source millions of different products that you can private-label and brand.


If you’re worried that you’ve missed the ecommerce boat, don’t worry. It’s just getting moving. While several ecommerce companies like eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and Etsy allow you to make money from home, in our opinion at Jungle Scout, the best way to make money online is with Amazon. Amazon is a huge opportunity for those who want to join the world of ecommerce. In 2023, Amazon raked in $574 billion in revenue — over half of which was fueled by third-party sales.


If you want to be successful on Amazon in 2024 and beyond, you need to have a good Amazon PPC management strategy. Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is part of Amazon’s internal advertising system. Through Amazon PPC, brands, agencies, and third-party sellers can target specific keywords to create advertisements for their products, which appear in Amazon’s search results and competitor product listings.


When aspiring entrepreneurs first discover selling on Amazon, one of the big questions they inevitably ask is “how much does it cost to sell on Amazon?” After all, if you’re going to sell on the world’s largest e-commerce network, you want to make sure that you’re going to profit. 2024 FBA Fee Updates: Amazon announced a number of changes to U.S. referral and Fulfillment by Amazon fees for 2024. Please read to learn more about each update.



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