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#36 - Why have China-based Amazon businesses been shrinking?

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Hot News

Share of top Amazon sellers by China-based businesses has been shrinking because of disruption to manufacturing, freight, and warehousing, as well as consumers prioritizing essentials.


Amazon has put out two pieces of advice this month for merchants who may have experienced hacked Amazon accounts.


The pilot program is now running in a number of markets, including the U.S., U.K., China and Japan. To date, more than 1,000 sellers have attempted to register an account through the pilot experience, Amazon says.


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Good to Know

The pandemic crisis is changing their customer and employee experience in ways that put the brand’s performance and image at risk. Could Amazon be experiencing a moment of vulnerability, even if only temporarily?


Five of Amazon’s foreign websites ended up on the White House’s notorious markets list


Keith Weed is at Advertising Week New York in his role as president of the Advertising Association, calling on the US ad industry to work with the UK to combat the ongoing decline in public trust in advertising.


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The House Judiciary Committee is asking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to testify. The committee said the earlier testimony may be “criminally false or perjurious.”


Most sellers either already knew or assumed Amazon was harvesting data—though not to this extent. It’s a good reminder for sellers to diversify channels and focus on branding.


Amazon’s online sales soared 24% in the first quarter, the fastest pace in four years. How did it happen?


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Tips and Tricks

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