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#37 - What You Need to Know About Internet Sales Tax

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It's time for the new #37 issue of FBA Monthly. In this issue, we have a great deal of exciting news and tips we want to loop you in on. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FBAmonthly for updates and announcements.

Hot News

The decision affects businesses of all sizes that sell tangible goods, digital products and even some services to customers in other states.


Facebook announced its newest venture into the ecommerce realm with the launch of its Facebook Shops storefront. Available now, Facebook Shops lets retailers set up their own ecommerce portals that are accessible from their existing Facebook profiles.


Sellers who only use the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) approach discovered how quickly circumstances could change. Putting everything into one basket creates a high-risk scenario that can produce significant rewards.


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Good to Know

Yet a recent French court’s ruling on Amazon seems to be a justification for making life more difficult for some of these businesses and more inconvenient for people by limiting consumer choice.


Once the decision has been made to move their products off of Amazon, the question remains for sellers — where should they offer their products now?


According to a recent report from Feedvisor, 73% of mid-to-large U.S. brands now advertise on Amazon, which marks a 57% increase from just last year.


Amazon will postpone its annual Prime Day shopping event until September, according to The Wall Street Journal.


“To help connect customers with local small businesses across the U.S., Amazon Handmade, our store for Makers selling handcrafted products, has launched a new shopping experience featuring a curated collection of items from U.S.-based Makers,” Amazon wrote.


Amazon has opened its warehouses to all items and reintroduced shopping functionality like deals and recommendations. Fast shipping for non-essentials is back, too, crucially.


This will allow Amazon to display a clean and well-organized dropdown list of available sizes, which will provide a better shopping experience for customers, it explained.


Amazon informed sellers on Saturday it will no longer restrict new product shipments by quantity.


Issues affecting global supply chains and Amazon’s warehouses have considerably reduced the number of new products launched on the site.


Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Custom program, which allows them to offer customizable goods, can now charge an additional fee for select customization options. It’s one of several new features Amazon announced this week.


“My nightmare scenario is an economic shock that leaves every Main Street firm without Wall Street connections, and every tech startup that is trying to compete with the big guys, starved for cash and vulnerable to predatory acquisition,” warns Senator Josh Hawley.


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Tips and Tricks

Do you have a novel or song that you’ve always wanted to publish? There is no better time to become a content creator, with Amazon offering a few different ways to get your art in front of the masses.


What Makes Amazon’s Email Marketing Super Successful For Commerce Businesses?


From this article, you will learn how marketers capture consumers on Amazon and build a profitable marketing plan through the options described below.


It’s that time of year again. The days are getting warmer and longer, summer is just around the corner, and, for Amazon sellers, it’s time to start getting ready for Prime day.



eMarketer principal analysts Andrew Lipsman and Nicole Perrin discuss what to make of Amazon's Q1 2020 earnings from a retail and advertising perspective.