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#38 - How Amazon FBA New Selection Programme Benefits You?

Two employee sorting yellow plastic boxes in Amazon fulfillment center.
Welcome to the 38th edition of FBA Monthly news! As always, welcome new subscribers, glad you’re with us. It has been an exciting two weeks in Amazon space, and we are ready to share it with you. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter at @FBAmonthly to not miss any updates.

Hot News

Amazon has suspended thousands of third-party sellers for price gouging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but sellers have found a loophole to avoid detection when raising prices: labeling their products as “collectibles,” even if there’s no conceivable way they could be.


The pandemic briefly brought the Everything Store to its knees — by prematurely bringing about a future it has long been planning for.


Amazon now accounts for 34 cents out of every dollar Americans spend online, down from 42 cents before the outbreak, according to market research firm Rakuten Intelligence.


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Good to Know

As eCommerce’s share of overall retail sales shot past an estimated 25% (up from 17% in 2019), the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has rushed to adapt to a rapidly changing business model.


Amazon is expanding its “FBA New Selection” program that gives sellers incentives to list brand-new products on its marketplace through its FBA fulfillment program.


Amazon shoppers left nearly one million negative seller reviews in the last thirty days. More than twice the usual amount. In the U.S., 13% of customers had a negative buying experience, up from 5% a year ago.


How some small businesses operating via Amazon ended up with tax liability greater than all profits made since the start of operations.


Amazon started to offer free monthly storage and removals in March in their Amazon FBA New Selection programme, to make it easier for you to sell new products through FBA.


Amazon launched a newly designed payments dashboard, and sellers’ initial reaction is – bring back the old page!


While TikTok videos currently don’t link directly to e-commerce, the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, offers links to Alibaba’s Tmall and other channels through commerce buttons embedded in the videos.


Amazon have announced two changes to the FBA storage policy that will help them more efficiently receive inventory and deliver products to customers – Amazon IPI Score threshold requirements and a new Monthly Overage Fee.


Brands have long been able to bid for the premier slot at the top left of Amazon’s listings, but during the pandemic the online retailer has begun using this position for its private-label items, raising antitrust concerns.


"Amazon seems to have "bug" or a BOT gone wild that is suspending dozens of seller acct for being linked to a banned acct," the EcommerceBytes reader said.


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Tips and Tricks

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For 44 percent of respondents to one survey, the “Amazon effect” is having a dramatic impact on more than their logistics, supply chain and transportation operations.


There are channels for selling on various platforms, as well as help with digital marketing, design, entrepreneurship, and more.



This conversation will be focused on talking about making Facebook ads to sell products within the Amazon eco-system.


Listen in as Alec details Rakuten, how the platform differs from Amazon, how it is similar, and most importantly, how you get paid.


When you think about wholesaling on Amazon, do you immediately think about how it’s unaffordable and financially overwhelming? You’re not alone.