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#39 - Amazon’s Private Government, and much more...

Amazon employee drives trolleys with carton boxes on them
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Hot News

The reality is that Walmart is so far behind Amazon in online sales, despite its recent gains during the pandemic, that it will never come close to catching up and being a real head-to-head competitor.


Brands and companies that use Amazon’s technology would have to list the manufacturers, couriers, and distributors they use.


Select merchants who sell items on the Amazon platform will soon receive invitations to apply for a line of credit via Goldman’s Marcus bank brand, according to a CNBC report.


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Good to Know

Latona’s have analysed a range of data in an Amazon seller’s report looking at the selling categories, product sales, the demographic split and the buyer to seller ratio.


When Amazon told members of its affiliate program in mid April that it was slashing commission rates, publishers started to panic.


The government alleges the man executed a scheme to defraud Amazon through fraudulent transactions and theft of inventory through falsely represented returns.


As e-commerce booms during the pandemic, some marketplaces have greatly benefited, a few prepared for the future, while others were caught unprepared to react.


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Amazon says it has on-boarded 50,000 new sellers between mid-January and June, and seen a 40 per cent increase in search queries from businesses looking to launch on Amazon.


The EU now looks set to charge Amazon for anti-competitive behaviour. This could cost Amazon a lot of money and could alter the shopping experience it offers customers.


The e-commerce giant, which has postponed its annual Prime Day sale as it recovers from a pandemic-triggered surge in demand, is gearing up for a sale this week of clothing and fashion items.


Brand owners who sell on Amazon often ask this question – “How are people allowed to sell my products on Amazon without my permission?”.


Amazon launched in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, June 17th, replacing Souq.com - the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world it acquired for $580 million in 2017 - with Amazon.sa. Saudi Arabia is Amazon’s 17th global marketplace.


The latest inquiries build on other investigations into Amazon’s business practices, signaling that the company may have grown too powerful to escape regulatory oversight.


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Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at four Amazon advertising strategies you can start using today to improve your effectiveness and sell more products.


As you launch and grow your Amazon business, you may find yourself looking for funding to expand your operations and increase your product offerings — but this usually requires additional working capital that not every seller or small business owner has.


Amazon isn’t a platform for content, which is why it doesn’t create influencers. However, Amazon is starting to make it so that influencers from other platforms can have a presence on the site.


The right images on Amazon could potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for you and your brand.



Are you aggressive and do you understand how to set up and manage your ads? Now is the time to capture your niche before those ad clicks become super expensive! Figure out how in this episode!


Kevin joins me today to share his strategies on expanding your Amazon business internationally. He explains why he recommends expanding to Canada first and describes the difficulties and challenges he faced in entering markets in other countries.