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#41 - Amazon Consumer Trends Report 2020, and more...

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Happy Monday! This, #41 issue of FBA Monthly includes insights into the latest news on Amazon inventory restriction, Consumer Trends Report 2020, Brexit impact, and much more. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @FBAmonthly! Enjoy your reading!

Hot News

Insights from 1,006 U.S. consumers. Explore key findings here and download the free full report for detailed insights.


The restrictions have incredibly awkward timing: the most-likely (and still officially unconfirmed) date for Prime Day is sometime in October, less than three months away at time of publication.


Carding fraud is not a new term it is basically a Credit card fraud. But now it has reached a new platform, every day we come forward to a new Instagram group/page dealing in Electronics selling stuff at 10% of the original price.


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Good to Know

“These features help customers learn more about the businesses of a seller and the products that they are selling”.


If you sell your products in the UK and EU (European Union) Amazon marketplaces, get ready for some big changes that will significantly impact your FBA business.


Amazon has an infinite number of shelves, instead of one endless shelf. Each search keyword has one that is a couple of dozen products long.


Amazon’s popular. Extremely popular. It’s even replaced Google when it comes to being consumers’ #1 search engine of choice when they’re looking to buy a new product.


The fake review conundrum is becoming an even more significant issue in a post-Covid 19 world. As the high street has been under lock and key and we’ve become more dependent on e-commerce than ever before.


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Some have feared that during the pandemic, the e-commerce market will be winner-take-all, mostly benefitting Amazon due to its unmatched fulfillment capacity.


Amazon's new Counterfeit Crime Unit is full of global professionals across multiple disciplines, including former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators, and data analysts.


The top 10 states with the most Amazon digital entrepreneurs per capita and The top 10 states with the fastest year-over-year growth by Amazon digital entrepreneurs.


Though Amazon promotes its Handmade category as a haven for small businesses, sellers say that in reality, they must navigate the company’s opaque system more or less like those selling factory-made products.


What should a marketplace do when it makes a mistake that proves costly to a seller in terms of both lost sales and actual expense?


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Tips and Tricks

Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Head of Business Development at Activ8 looks at Amazon and managing Amazon inventory in a post (or quite possibly still present) Coronavirus world.


Improving your online selling strategy will open your business up to millions of new customers around the globe.


Adequate packaging and preparing units help to bring down interruptions in receive time, protect your products while in our fulfillment centers, and instigate a better customer experience. Learn more...

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In this article, I’m expressing my thoughts on how you can increase your chances to win the Amazon Buy Box, secure the conversion rate, and ultimately boost your sales potential.


The popularity of e commerce as an industry is growing rapidly. The growing pains of starting a small business have been dulled by the advent of dropshipping.



Steven joins us today to discuss how you can rank your items on Amazon using keyword best practices. He highlights why you need to look at your competitors when creating keywords and reveals his favorite keyword research tool.


We chat with Peter Kearns with Buy Box Experts to get his take on the announcement plus what sellers need to do right now to keep their distribution channel free from problems.


This is an episode dedicated to the live video tactics you should be using in your business now. Have you seen the Amazon created “Follow” button in your live videos? That button is very important.