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#113 - Amazon Scarf Scam, First Quarter Results, and more

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In this issue of FBA Monthly, we bring you the latest news and updates from the world of Amazon, including Amazon's first-quarter results, concerns over bad sellers exploiting FBA refund policies, and the evolving landscape of Amazon seller exits. We also cover Amazon's crackdown on counterfeiters and why consumers should be cautiously optimistic, as well as the role of big tech in boosting small businesses. Stay informed with FBA Monthly #113, featuring all this and much more.

Hot News

The pandemic first looked like it would boost e-commerce spending overnight. Then its effects faded, and it fell back to the trendline. And now, three years since the pandemic began, the industry was predicted to grow from that new base. Amazon is not yet back to that expected growth - instead, it has fallen below the trendline.


“There’s a lot to like about how our teams are delivering for customers, particularly amidst an uncertain economy,” said Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO. “Our Stores business is continuing to improve the cost to serve in our fulfillment network while increasing the speed with which we get products into the hands of customers (we expect to have our fastest Prime delivery speeds ever in 2023).


I bought a fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) item on Amazon from one of their third-party sellers / Amazon marketplace that was not authentic and was refunded immediately once the return label was scanned at a UPS store. Further details below indicate why I suspect a scam.


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Good to Know

The pool of buyers acquiring Amazon sellers has expanded beyond Amazon aggregators. Thus despite challenges faced by some, the M&A market remains active since it isn’t solely reliant on aggregators.


Operating a successful selling outlet on Amazon’s massive marketplace entails hurdles that even some seasoned retailers have never encountered. The key to a rewarding seller experience is avoiding internal roadblocks.


Amazon continued blocking sellers from offering lower prices on rival sites, despite assuring antitrust enforcers it ended its policy that artificially inflated prices for consumers, according to newly unsealed filings in California’s antitrust lawsuit against the e-commerce giant.


For years, Amazon had a program called Onsite Associates — known internally as OSP — that worked with publishers to match top-rated products with editorialized blurbs. For example, in a screenshot taken in 2021, search results for masks had a section from the blog Gear Review that showcased the publisher’s top picks.


Amazon says it removed 6 million counterfeit items from circulation in 2022. A lawyer with a focus on ecommerce says pursuing counterfeiters is in Amazon’s best interest. The majority of counterfeit items sold in the U.S. come from China, which makes it difficult to prosecute.


“European Expansion Accelerator is a solution our selling partners were missing for years; to grow and offer millions of new products to Amazon customers in multiple stores,” Amazon Vice President of Seller Services Europe Xavier Flamand said in the release.


At precisely 9 am on April 26, dubbed “World Intellectual Property Day,” eBay and Amazon each published tweets touting their respective programs designed to help rightsholders protect their brands.


Thirteen years ago, I made the leap. After nearly 30 years building homes on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I started a small business in our garage in Scandia, Minn. I had invented a product for contractors and homeowners, and it was time to light my entrepreneurial fire.


Random Amazon customers are being targeted by sellers in what is known as a "brushing" scam, according to Which? The consumer organisation said "dodgy" retailers were sending out "Suzhichou" branded scarves to boost sales volumes and create fake reviews on the website.


Despite deepening its cloud offerings and playing with AI (among other things), Amazon says it remains committed to ecommerce and hopes to be your company's go-to supplier for all things business supplies.


For Amazon and Walmart customers, convenience is key for each step — everything from ordering to paying to receiving a delivery order or picking up goods — and few things are more convenient than free services. Amazon Prime and Walmart+ offer members free deliveries, free video streaming, free returns and other perks.


Even though there are thousands of sellers and major brands selling on Amazon, some of them are crushing it, earning high revenue amounts and gaining market share and market voice. How are these brands able to do this? We’ve outlined three examples below.


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Tips and Tricks

According to Jungle Scout's 2023 The State of the Amazon Seller report — an annual study into how Amazon Marketplace sellers are faring — 89% of sellers say they are profitable on the platform. A total of 37% even reported increased profits during 2022, despite all that economic uncertainty and rising inflation.


In true Amazon fashion, the dates for Prime Day 2023 are not announced yet, but we do have deadlines for the Deals, Promotions, and Coupons that brands need to meet in time for the e-commerce site’s largest sales event after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


In this article, we’ll explore what Amazon SAS Core can do for you, who it is for, the pricing, and the pros and cons. What is Amazon SAS Core? What does Amazon SAS Core cost? Pros and cons of using Amazon SAS Core


As a seller on Amazon, you want to avoid seeing a notification that Amazon has suspended your account. However, Amazon has strict rules and guidelines that sellers must follow, and compliance can result in account suspension or even permanent banishment. To avoid this, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on Amazon’s policies and regulations and consider using full service amazon management to ensure your account is in good standing.


Thanks to Amazon's explosive growth, selling products on the platform has become a popular way for people to make money from home. Not only can businesses sell and be profitable, but individual sellers can also leverage the huge user base of Amazon to sell products online.


In this article, we will explore what sell-through rate is, why it matters for Amazon and ecommerce sellers, how to calculate it accurately, and how to improve your sell-through rate. What is a sell-through rate? How to calculate sell-through rate How to improve your sell-through rate.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are often used as a clump of generalized questions and answers on a single FAQ page. However, they can work so much harder to improve your organic search rankings, even earning you rich results when implemented correctly for search engine optimization (SEO).



This week’s guest is Ritu Java, the winner of the Billion Dollar Seller Summit Speaker Prize. That’s right. She was voted back in February at the Virtual Billion Dollar Seller Summit that I host as the best speaker by the audience. And she’s gonna be sharing some of those strategies that actually won her that award and a lot more in this episode. I think you’re gonna really find some great information, especially when it comes to marketing and PPC.


Hosted by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman, this podcast will include conversations about profitable Amazon reseller strategies, proven steps to growing your business, and how to actually make more money on Amazon while spending less time doing it.