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#80 - Why Amazon Live is Embarrassing, and much more

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining us here, in the #80 issue of FBA Monthly news! It has been tons of news in Amazon space during the past two weeks, but we read it all to select for you only important ones. Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

Hot News

According to the description of the webinar, the panel will give sellers an overview of its selling policies and what they mean for sellers. That sounds like advice for newbies and a refresher for experienced sellers.


Amazon has been unable to unlock live commerce three years after launching Live in February 2019. Its amateur content didn’t attract viewers and, without users, brands and influencers are unwilling to commit to it.


Critics say the “everything store” does too much. Is 2022 the year antitrust hawks come for Amazon? This story is part of a Recode series about Big Tech and antitrust. Over the next few weeks, we’ll cover what’s happening with Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.


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Good to Know

How do digital platform ecosystems like Amazon and Alibaba work? We show which business areas they have and what the future of such business models looks like.


In this video I discuss shutting down my Amazon store for a second time in October 2021. I explained in great detail how Seller Central Marketplace didn’t work well for a small business in a number of articles.


Amazon ranked fourth in global shopping app downloads in 2021 - they were the number one most-downloaded app in 2020. Amazon is still first in the U.S. rankings, but Shopee, Shein, and Meesho leapfrogged it in global rankings.


"By developing their own composable commerce capabilities, B2B sellers can step out of the big tech shadows and deliver the experiences customers crave." writes Boris Lokschin, CEO of Spryker Systems.


Amazon disputes the report’s conclusions, asserting in a statement to TechCrunch that the cited numbers “conflate Amazon’s selling fees with our optional add-on services,” and calling the fees they assess “competitive” with other online retailers.


The number of new Chinese sellers added to the Amazon platform recorded double-digit growth last year. At online sellers event, Amazon said it would make it a priority to work with Chinese merchants to operate within the rules.


The program is currently available as a pilot and invite-only program, with a full roll-out planned for February 2022. Included in the initial implementation are Hyper Singapore, a distributor for Hyperjuice and Hyperdrive products, and Momo Gadgets, an electronic shop.


In July, the government exposed what it called a conspiracy among Amazon sellers to fix prices of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs when it announced that a seller in Tennessee had pleaded guilty.


2021 was a year of progress for Amazon sellers as More and more shoppers took their shopping online, encouraging more sellers to leverage this modern-day gold rush.


Thousands of Amazon sellers are using Twitter to gain five-star reviews on more than 130 brands by incentivising shoppers with refunds, our latest investigation has found.


Amazon has been promoting for years that its online marketplace is an opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to succeed, especially when sellers use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), its fulfillment service.


Founding a startup from scratch can be overwhelming. From creating a business plan to securing funding, there are so many steps to take before your business can be launched.


Amazon will roll out 7-day-a-week on-demand phone support to Pro sellers who have questions about the health of their accounts.


Tips and Tricks

Creating options on Amazon is critical for any brand to succeed. If you sell t-shirts, you want shoppers to go to one product page and see all the available options in one place, just as they would in a retail setting.


That’s where online arbitrage comes in! In this online arbitrage guide, you’ll learn all about online arbitrage and how you can get started.


Would you like to market your business product to 50 of the largest hospital systems in the US? And to 40 of the governing bodies of the country’s largest cities? And 55 Fortune 500 companies?



Over the past 2 years our private label brand TOOK OFF and we've now become 8-figure sellers, selling over $10,000,000 in 2020 and 2021 with our brand. We're back for an update and to re-launch coming at you with Amazon selling info every week going forward!


In this episode, we welcome back Lailama Hasan, now part of the Helium 10 team as a brand evangelist, to talk about Amazon images, product photography, and even 3D rendering.


This week on the Full-Time FBA Show we welcome back our friend Jo Ann Zimmerman to talk all things Amazon Ads, particularly for resellers like us!